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hi there [txt]#

Welcome on my personal home page. For all the vampires out there: there's a link to switch to dark theme in the top right. If you stumbled upon the dark theme but you're not a vampire, also check the link in the top right.

After having this domain for about 3-4 years, I finally put this part with some more personal stuff on it. I've been thinking about writing random blogposts many times before and I guess I can start doing that now :>

For the interested: these pages are generated using some bash/sed scripts. You can find the source on the github repo of this siteglobe icon (or browse on here if you know the urls ;)).

Why does this look so familiar?#

Ehm well I recently found spoonm's webpageglobe icon and I liked how it was made and I suppose I consciously and subconsciously made something that looks very similar to it :s Probably also because I'm keeping this very minimal and there aren't many ways to do that I guess.