An (incomplete) list of project or other stuff I'm working on or have been working on. Only the more 'important'/interesting ones are on here, check out my GitHub profile for more (random) things.

Index #

nfsu2-re #

Status: long-running

Hobby reverse engineering project about need for speed underground 2. Figuring out workings and file formats. Pseudo goals are making a save game editor and unofficial online multiplayer functionality.

C Assembly

samp-mapedit #

Status: Usable state

In-game map editor for GTA: San Andreas. Also handles (race)checkpoints, textdraws, vehicles and gangzones. Supports SA-MP's RemoveBuilding/SetObjectMaterial/SetObjectMaterialText.

The current status is that it is usable for me, and that's all I want to do. I made this editor mainly for me so I can get going faster on the basdon-fly project. To actually make a decent public release, it would require much effort to make everything work for all kinds of different gta executables (since there's lots of memory operations) and the editor is probably very non user friendly for anyone else than me. I don't want to spend time on that because time is already sparse if you look at the big picture of life and I would feel like doing that is a chore that might kill my motivation completely.

C Assembly

basdon-fly #

Status: Live, alpha

Aviation themed San Andreas Multiplayer server. Includes a website that shows all flight details, with a flight tracker and flight viewer.

C Assembly Java PHP

xandilordi-soundboard #

Status: Ready, occasionally adding more sounds

A soundboard HTML page for a Belgian comedian (Xander De Rycke).

anna #

Status: Ready

Modular IRC mod. Named after Anna^, from the 2006 BASSHUNTER song named Boten Anna. Modules can be loaded and unloaded at runtime.


opsu-dance #

Status: long-running, paused/abandoned

Is a fork of itdelatrisu/opsu, which is an open-source clone of the osu! game. My fork has more UI/UX improvements (subjective) and contains cursor dance stuff and more customization. I'm also a contributor to the upstream opsu! project, mostly doing UI stuff.


osukps #

Status: mostly finished and abandoned

A little program that shows keystates, keys per second and total keys for rythm games (osu!, stepmania etc). Useful for making videos or livestreaming.


osusb1 #

Status: finished

A (sort of) demo in the form of an osu! storyboard.


intellijplugins #

Status: partly finished

Some plugins for applications based on the Intellij Platform that make my life better. Perhaps yours, too? Currently has a plugin for changing the "look and feel" and a plugin that colors the caret based on the active ideavim mode.


php #

Status: finished, maintenance

My personal home page. The thing you're probably looking at right now. Is basically a static site generator using my "marking markup" format.


gtasa #

Status: active

Not really a project, but I've been messing around a lot with GTA:SA, making small scripts and hacking the game.

Assembly none CLEO/II-era mission code C++ C#

tsstats #

Status: finished, maintenance

A teamspeak3 bot that idles on a server and collects statistics like user activity, channel activity, country activity, kicks & bans. Also includes a live (updated every 5 minutes) viewer of the server.

Also has a webviewer (in a separate repo) which shows the stats in a friendly way. Is not necessary to use, but is useful if you don't want to write your own thing or can be used as reference.

Beware: this was written years ago and might be coded weirdly.

Java PHP

See it in action:

Contact me if you use this and want to be featured in this list

colandreas-db-modelselector #

Status: finished

Tiny program that filters ColAndreas database files. ColAndreas is a plugin for SA-MP servers to provide collision insights about the game world. The thing is that its database file containing all the model collision data is easily 44MB and this all ends up in memory of the server. This script allows one to filter to data file to only contain the models that are actually necessary, reducing the memory footprint of the server.


txtnotes #

Status: finished, maintenance

Simple web-based plaintext notekeeper. I used this one myself a lot, every day.


plquery #

Status: finished

A php script that queries a SA-MP server to make activity graphs (using the SVGGraph library). Was made for a specific server, but can be easily modified to work for any server.